Introducing our favourite midi linen dresses for women and how to rock them. 

How fast has summer whizzed by? One minute we were lounging by the pool, sipping on iced almond lattes. We were traipsing around all carefree in slip dresses, oversized shirts and kaftans, making peace with our awkward tan lines. 

Then the next minute, autumn rudely marched in and demanded we refresh our wardrobes. And stop going on holidays (the cheek). 

Now we’re stuck somewhere in between, not hot or cold. The dreaded limbo zone where you’re wondering if you should suck it up and go to early morning pilates or hit snooze. For the record, we vote snooze. 

You walk into your closet, but everything looks dull. Not to mention that it’s tricky to put together the right outfit when the sun’s still out, but the afternoon breeze brings the temps down. 

That’s when a fabulous dress walks into the room to solve your problems. As much as one piece of clothing can. Mondays will still be hard, but at least you’ll look classy. 

Who’s the superstar? A linen midi dress, classic and versatile. How are we always behind on our to-do lists or in a rush? This sophisticated number makes being on the move an easy, sweat-free affair. We speak from personal experience. 

If you’re sending a message to the group chat saying, “Sorry, I can’t make it”, because you’ve got nothing fab to wear, this one’s for you, darling. Plus, we’re already running a bath, jump in and let’s get ready. Don’t worry, we’ll be home by 9. 

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What’s The Most Flattering Midi Dress?    

The midi dress finishes below the knees and above the ankles so that you can show off your cute shoes. Hello, brand new leather slides. 

Can a midi make you look shorter and frumpier? It's a begrudging yes, from us. But can this be prevented? Absolutely. 

For a flattering fit all round that makes you look in the mirror and not want to run, pay close attention to the cut of the midi dress. Just like a yoga class that's not too short or too long, the length of the midi dress should be just right

If you spot a midi that finishes at the middle of the calf — usually the widest section of our legs — pretend to talk on your phone and cross the street. Then go higher or lower with the hemline. 

Going with a lightweight fabric, like linen or cotton and choosing more structured designs will also help create a sleek and modern look.


What To Look For In Your Midi Dress?  

The whole less-is-more aesthetic is easy when you nail the design of your midi dress. With little need for accessories, you'll be getting ready faster than it takes you to reschedule a Friday afternoon meeting. 

Here are the features to look for to find the best midi linen dresses for women:

  1. Lightweight fabrics 
  2. Neutral colours & patterns 
  3. At least one tailored detail in your dress 


Lightweight Fabrics   

The good news is not all midi dresses are created equal. The bad news is, insert the previous sentence. If you're trying to steer clear of the frumpy look, then lightweight fabrics are a must

Linen will create a clean, breezy style that says sophisticated and svelte. Plus, it's naturally breathable, hypoallergenic and free of nasty chemicals. A linen midi dress is a winner because of this, but — we're also a little biased.


Stick With Solid Neutrals 

Everyone loves a quick fix, and the quickest way to infuse your midi dresses with timeless appeal is to go for neutral tones. Think earthy khakis, crisp whites, cool greys and deep navy blues. 

They're like the peacemakers of the colour world. So calm, you come to them with your problems, and they fit in with all your friend groups. You can always style a neutral dress with a vibrant-coloured bag for extra style points. 


Make The Patterns Subtle

Good news for all print lovers, you don't have to ditch stripes just because you're hoping to look suave and stylish. You can always go for midi dresses dyed with subtle patterns. 

For something different, you could opt for a neutral-coloured midi dress and layer underneath a printed shirt for a pop of colour and fun. Be a total pro, and choose a print that includes the neutral tone of the dress for consistency. Try to keep the midi sleek to make the layering seamless, and go for a collared shirt so it works with the neckline of the dress. 

Say yes to very faint pinstripes and classic polka dots. These will still give you a print fix without making your outfits look overly busy or overwhelming. Not to make it all about us, but look below for our take on a subdued linen midi dress that's a stunner. 


Tailored Is Best

We'll write love notes to loose-fitting linen dresses forever, but there's comfortable, and then there are sweats. Find a middle ground with a structured linen midi. 

The trick is to opt for at least one tailored element in your dresses to keep comfort and fashion levels sky-high. Go for wrap or belted designs to contour the waist. Sleeveless options to show off your arms. Or unique necklines. 


Tonal Styling

Much like smashed avocado salads, the perfect coffee order and online shopping, tonal styling is subtle but a total game-changer. It's a guaranteed way to look polished and put together with 0% stress. 

Try to match your tones around your linen midi dress. If you're donning a cream-coloured midi, then opt for white-toned shoes and a bag. Instant chic, now if only putting together furniture was that easy. 


How To Wear Midi Linen Dresses – For Sparkle & Romance

When it comes to versatility, look no further than linen midis. We'll even prove it by styling them for various occasions.

Our Farfalla Linen Midi Dress is all things simple and elegant. Made from zero-waste fabric with 400% less water than cotton, it can do both beauty and heart. Pair it with flats for a casual day look or leather mules for work. 

To make it sparkle, add some accessories, then book dinner reservations. Think a silk scarf tied around the neck or statement gold earrings to make you party-ready. Top it off with thin strappy heels to keep the look balanced but still glam. 


How To Wear Midi Linen Dresses – For The Everyday

Ready for an effortlessly elegant everyday look? Our Safari Wrap Linen Dress can do it all. Simply pair it with your favourite slides, and you're off. 

Can't you imagine running errands or going to lunch with this pared-back number? We're obsessed. The wrap design nips in the waist but still keeps everything lightweight. 

Breeze through the seasons with midi linen dresses for women. For a killer outfit, layer yours with linen tops in the same colour. Or, for extra warmth, pair our beige midi with a beige-coloured, thinly knitted sweater over the top.


How To Wear Midi Linen Dresses – For Casual  

The sun's shining brighter, and all your appointments have been cancelled for the day. Suddenly all your stress is gone with one magical dress.

Our Sirene Linen Midi Dress is a showstopper. Its balloon sleeves and tiered layers of flowing linen radiate easy feminine energy. Balance out the prettiness with sleek white sneakers, and you've got the perfect casual outfit. 

When we show you how versatile this midi is, you'll realise it's a total keeper. Yes, it can be casual, but it can also go glam. 

Need some inspiration? Try to style it with major sparkly jewels and eye-catching strappy heels — wow. Or opt for chunky platform sandals and dance the night away without ever taking them off. 

For the cooler weather, this airy dress is just waiting to be paired with knee-high boots. In case of an unexpected girls' catch-up, whip out this fashionable pairing.


Conclusion: How To Wear Midi Linen Dresses

Picture your dream day. Is it somewhere warm by the coast? On the Mediterranean? We're right there with you in the fantasy, along with your friends and family. But guess who else is coming along? Something that will make everyone think that you're a local. It has to be a midi linen dress. Classic and versatile, it deserves its own seat on the plane. 

There's a wide variety of midi linen dresses for women on the market, but these are the key things to look for: 

  • Light Fabrics — stick to airy and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, even in the cooler months. It’ll help create a sleeker, more modern look. Linen’s also easier to layer over than bulkier textiles. 
  • Neutral Colours & Patterns — if you’re ever out of ideas, neutrals won’t disappoint and exude pure sophistication. The same goes for prints. Very subtle prints on your midi are the best option. It guarantees that your outfits will never look busy or overwhelming.
  • Tailored Designs — tailored and structured midi dresses will always look more flattering on any body type. For those who don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style, choosing just one tailored element works wonders. Wrap dresses and cinched waistlines are go-to's that deliver a killer silhouette while still feeling breezy and relaxed.